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Epsom Salt Refill
Epsom Salt Refill
Epsom Salt Refill
Epsom Salt Refill

Epsom Salt Refill

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💗💖💕 Description 💕💖💗 
If you already own one of our glass jars and you're out no need to fear! You can get your epsom salt refill here. Select which scent you need refilled and we will send you a 16oz bag to make sure you get what you need and maybe then some.
If purchased by itself refill can be shipped via first class mail. 
We have a refill system in person if you're local or see us at any conventions. If you need a refill and can't see us anytime soon please shoot us an email! 
New images are pending. 

🌿🌸🌴 Ingredients 🌿🌸🌴
Core: Epsom Salt, Sodium Bicarbonite, Fragrance Oil Blend, Mica Powder,

Tarte~ Essential Oil
Bliss~ Biodegradable glitter
Dream~ Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Buds
Stimpak~ Peppermint/Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend
Lon Lon Milk~ Titanium Dixoide and Coconut Milk 
Hot Pumpkin Soup~ None
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey~ Coconut Milk, Colloidal Oat, Honey
Cotton Candy~ None
Apple Cider~ Grapeseed Oil & Cinnamon Stick