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Luna Sanitizer
Luna Sanitizer
Luna Sanitizer
Luna Sanitizer

Luna Sanitizer

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A blend of ripe black cherries. 


Some things you should know about the items...


 Our sanitizer adheres to the WHO standards. This recipe is made with fresh aloe which may also contain trace amounts of latex. 

Inspired by a sense of responsibility, late night walks and dedication to a good cause.

Currently offered in a 1oz plastic bottle.

This formula is more liquid than gel. The main goal of this sanitizer is to effectively kill germs, not dry out your hand and leave a light fragrance. 

Due to the sanitizer being made in a small batch with fresh aloe the shelf life on this product is roughly 2 months



 Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerol

Boiled Water/ Aloe Vera/ Vitamin E 400 IU/ Fragrance Oil Blend/ 


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