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Twootie Tarte Gift Card

Twootie Tarte Gift Card

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Do you love someone enough to bathe with them (figuratively speaking- unless...)? 

Show them with the gift of a Twootie Tarte gift card!

Seriously, buy these. If we don't get enough sales someone's going to get fired, and since this is a 1 person company I'm not sure how that will even work.

You have different amounts to choose from, you got $10 if you want to show someone they are at least worth your time.

We've got one that's $25 if you feel like that person is worth putting in your phone contacts.

$50 is basically a warm bowl of soup on a cold day, a reassuring hug when that special someone is feeling down.

If you give someone a card worth $100 I cant promise how someone else will react but let me tell you, I will love you. Its like they say, love is all you need.

Seriously you've read this far you might as well buy one

*Custom orders are NOT eligible for gift card redemption*