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Custom Baskets Example

Examples of Custom Baskets for a form. 


 Example One:

Animal Crossing Basket~ 


JPN Budget: $40

Product Budget: $20 

Basket:  $10

Total: $70

Local pick up selected. No deadline was set.

"If you could find an Isabelle plush that would be fantastic! Put other than that pretty much anything with mostly Isabelle but also Blathers, Brewster and KK. The other characters are fine those are just my faves" 

Wish list was linked to help me find specific products like the plate and stickers. Fan was a member of our custom basket group where they left this wish list so I can view it at any time. It helped a lot. 

Basket includes: Isabelle plush, x2 AC stickers luggage style, KK Slider keychain, AC Fossil plate (rare, this is a lottery prize item), AC Leaf bubble bar, Medicine Face Mask and a Fossil bath bomb to finish the set! All bundled in this gorgeous tartan square basket filled with green metallic stuffing. Perfect for displaying a collection. 
Basket was a bit tricky to find all the items for since Animal Crossing has limited products available. I am relieved and proud I was able to find the specific items to fulfill this basket! 



Example Two:

The Mixed Fandom Basket~ 

JPN Budget: $50

Product budget: $25

Basket: $10


Pick up at Holiday Matsuri selected. Deadline was in time for HolMat.

"A small not too expensive Holiday Rilakkuma (Halloween or Christmas) plushie, if there are any, & Rilakkuma accessories, charms, similar items as what's in the wishlist but not the exact items.
Twootie Tarte items, cute soap, maybe Rilakkuma shaped?, & a bath bomb, berry scented.
Basket I have to preference so anything you think may fit."


Included in their set: Holiday edition Pikachu plush, Rilakkuma Halloween plush, A Pen, Sticker Set, Monokuma Bath Bomb, Monomi Bubble Bar , Custom Rilakkuma Bath Bomb all tucked inside a red round basket. 

Because the order was fully paid ahead of time (JPN, Product and Basket Budget) I included the goodies I got with my Rilakkuma purchase such as the specialty bag that came from the store. 


Example Three:

Sailor Moon x FF x Pokemon Basket~

JPN Budget: $45
Product Budget: $25
Basket:  $15
Shipping: 14
Total: $99
Basket was shipped directly to them. No deadline was set.

"Anything that is related to Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Final Fantasy. I love all three of them so something from each would be great!"

A wish list was left to help me narrow down the items they wanted. 



This sleigh basket consisted of a few fandoms. I found items from the Sailor Moon Store, Pokemon Center and the Square Enix Cafe to complete this basket. This basket was easy going and kept things simple giving me free reign to buy. 

Example Four:

The Danganronpa Ita Bag~ 
JPN Budget: $140
Product Budget: $60
Basket:  $20
Shipping: 12
Total: $232
Bag was shipped directly to them. No deadline was set.
"I would like a DanganRonpa gift set. As I said in the basket line, I was hoping to get a DR bag instead of a basket if possible. I want to focus on getting things for Sakura, Gundam, Saionji, and Junko. I tried twice but couldnt get the DR cafe website link to load, but I'm not set on any particular items. I will take any type of items. For products, I did want the monokuma bomb and monomomi bar as well as a Sakura themed custom perfume. "



This was a very special order because this one came in an ita bag I picked up in Japan. It also included a custom perfume to accompany one of the characters highlighted in the bag. Not only was I able to get them a lot (as seen in the bag) they had selected characters who's merch runs much cheaper so with a $140 budget I was able to buy sooooooo much. This was a very fun "basket" to work on! Danganronpa is one of my favorite franchises so it was super quick and easy for me to gather all the merch for a great price. 


Example Five:

Cat X Kingdom Hearts Basket~ 
JPN Budget: $60
Product Budget: $ ??
Basket:  $5-15
Shipping: 13
Total: $99
Basket was shipped directly to them. No deadline was set.
"I would like you to do a kitty basket. She likes plushies and anything kitty really! Also if you could see about some kingdom hearts stuff as well! Just make it look awesome! You rock! "


This basket was made for Dawn's wife. The basket included a variety of cat gatchapon items I found, Kingdom Hearts related items and a lot of Tarte products from my shop. 


Example Six:

Hypothetical Basket with No Basket~
JPN Budget: $25
Product Budget: $25
Basket:  None
Shipping: $7.50
Total with Service Fee: $62.5
Set was shipped directly to them. Deadline was set for December 1st. 
Detailed List for JPN Items:
"Since this set is Sailor Saturn themed I wanted to get some items from the Sailor Moon Store! I saw on your instagram they have new official keychains featuring special artwork. If you can get that for the Saturn keychain that's my top item. If there's a small gachapon style item themed after Saturn you can use the rest of the budget to buy those."
List of Twootie Tarte Products:
"Sailor Saturn 1oz perfume and a custom Saturn inspired bath bomb featuring dark purple pigment, same scent as the perfume, slow fizzing mixture, made with grapeseed oil and please throw in lots of bio glitter please!" 
No photo as this was a made up example. 




Photo examples of finished baskets: