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This custom order listing includes two different 4oz whipped sugar scrubs.Β 

" For the first, I would like for the scrub to be light green in a plastic jar and based off of the Grave Mole Girls (Chloe, Lilja, and Koshka)! I would like a small star-shaped soap embed like the paopu scrub. If the soap embed could be silver, I would love that! I would also love bioglitter. I would like the label to have Grave Mole's military emblem on it. I have no allergy concerns, and as for scent I would like something that might combine the personalities of the team (Chloe, Lilja, and Koshka) and into one! Lilja wears cinnamon bun decorations in her hair, so something with cinnamon might be nice?


For the second, I was hoping to have something based off of their instructor, Okonogi. I'd also like it to be in a plastic jar, and for the color to be dark gray or black, with a small star-shaped soap embed in the color gold. I would like the label to have the AOU emblem on it! I'd like an earthy scent for this one, perhaps something that brings to mind his stern and militaristic personality?"

This custom will include soap add ons and two custom art labels.

Customs can take anywhere from 1~2 weeks before shipping.Β 

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