Damaged Products (3 Ct)

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For whatever reason, some of our products aren’t quite up our standards for selling on the marketplace. Whether it’s a damaged outer shell or a strange shape, these products are a bit scuffed or marked but are otherwise still usable, so we want to make sure that these products might bring some relaxation to someone looking for a lower priced product.

If you’re looking for something on the more budget side and don’t mind a little wash-out or a bit of age, you can buy these in groups of 3 and enjoy the Twootie Tarte line of products for a bit less with close to the same amount of aromas and cleansing.


There are NO REFUNDS or returns on this listing. The buyer acknowledges that the included items cannot be altered for skin allergies/sensitivities, and these products are not up to normal Twootie Tarte standard. 

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