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Pumpkin Spice Clay Face Mask

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✨💫✨ Scent ✨💫✨
A light pumpkin spice scent. 

💗💖💕 Description 💕💖💗
Inside these 2oz plastic jars are a clay based face mask. Just take a little of the mixture into a mixing bowl and add some water! It's up to you how you want to use it. Each container can get 5-7 uses. They also have a long shelf life. Please be sure to recycle or re-purpose your containers after they are empty. 


It's Fall y'all! Time to eat up that delicious Pumpkin Spice shit, am I rite?

We got this fall themed clay based face mask available for a limited time. Made with crushed grape seed, pumpkin seed oil, ground pumpkin seed, aloe extract and yellow Brazilian clay. 

Instructions are listed on the container as well as on here. Mix 1 teaspoon of the mixture and add 1 tablespoon of cold water. Mix thoroughly into a small bowl or glass. From there apply mixture to the face or wherever else you'd like to apply it. Give it 15-20 minutes to dry and with a hot rag blot the mask off.

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🌿🌸🌴 Ingredients 🌿🌸🌴

Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Crushed Grape Seed, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Ground Pumpkin Seeds, Fragrance Oil, Aloe Extract.