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A Word from Our Amazing Fans!

Twootie Tarte's products are always amazing. I haven't tried a single product I haven't fallen in love with! I really prefer buying her products over others that are similar because you can tell how much time and effort she puts into everything. If you ever buy from her at a con she will happily read off a mental list of every ingredient she has ever put into any of her products so you never have to worry about your money going towards some overpriced item that has a lot of filler in it.

One of my favorite items I always love buying from her are her sugar scrubs. They always leave my skin feeling soft, clean, and nice smelling! Her sugar scrubs are also especially helpful when I'm in cosplay and it's time for the makeup to come off. I cosplay Tony Stark a lot and whether I have my fake mustache application or I completely draw the beard on, my face is left looking rough at the end of the day. Makeup wipes do work, but they often leave my face dry and irritated. Lathering up some sugar scrub on my face, however, does the trick every time! In a matter of minutes I am my baby faced self again!

If you've never bought one of her products then I highly advise you remedy that quickly!

Amber Jackson

Twootie Tarte's products go above and beyond the standard level of quality one should expect in bath products. Homemade, cruelty free, and you can tell how much love was used in each individual product. One product in particular, the deodorant, has changed my life with my sensitive underarm skin. Best part of it all is supporting someone's small business and not paying for someone's 10th vacation home. I'm so thankful for Twootie Tarte supplying all my bath and body needs!

Brooke Marie

I think Twootie does something unique with her products, and a big majority of what it is includes genuine care for what goes out and the conditions it's in. I've had the opportunity to buy from her several times and every single time it's been a home run. In fact, it's been so good that Twootie is literally the ONLY person I go to for bathcare products like bath bombs and bubble bars. Not only that, but her community outreach is amazing. She cares not only about the products and the amazing quality, but the outreach and community which is an incredible plus. All of her employees at cons and otherwise are spectacular and have a real love for all of the nerdy related things she sells and bathcare in general.

In a time where con plague stinks up the entire room, Twootie is the hero we need to help cons be more enjoyable to a crowd that easily gets lost in the stink of body odor.

I think the best part of it all is that you don't have to be into the products to buy them and for them to be good, they just are. I have not had one product that I have bought from her that I didn't absolutely love, and that's saying something as I am incredibly picky!

Alex Elizabeth

My favorite part about Twootie Tarte's products is the scent quality! It's even better than some major companies, and never irritates my sensitive skin!


I have never been disappointed with her products. Not only is every item amazing, but she will do almost anything to see your wishes come true. I use her products and her products only now and you can't get better quality anywhere else. The sugar scrub is AMAZING for irritation/itchiness and really soothes your skin. I can't shop anywhere else now!!

Corrin Drexel

Twootie is the best! After stumbling across Twootie Tart at Mechacon, I didn’t know how much it would be a part of my life. 
The product and service you get in incredible. The bathbombs and bubble bars leave my skin soft and clean. The hair oils keep my hair silky smooth. The perfumes are long lasting and smell so good! I was wearing the tarte scent when I was proposed to and I wore it on my wedding day. 
When I wanted to have a custom soap done for our wedding (the blue feather), Twootie herself kept me posted with the process, provided pictures, and even streamed the soap cutting! It made such a thoughtful gift for my bridesmaids. 
Bottom line: if you want bath products made with love and with character, Twootie is your girl!

Doris Belleau Caravella

I first started using Twootie Tarte last year at my first MechaCon I when to. I always used store products before the change. I found the difference between store products and Twootie Tarte products. To my surprise I fell in love with Twootie Tarte bath bombs and the soaps. I usually have dry or oil skin and had problems finding something that wouldn’t mess with my skin in a bad way. The natural ingredients in the Twootie Tarte’s product worked wonders on my skin. I been buying from Erinne’s business for two years now. I don’t have think I could use any of the store products anymore except for the shampoo. I have bought bubble bars, bath bombs(especially the Pokémon egg bath bombs are my favorite!), soaps, lotions from her. I recommend anyone to try Twootie Tarte once you have you would never want to stop!

Angie Beasly

I have very overactive and sensitive skin! None of your products affect my skin negatively, instead they leave it super soft and smelling good ♡

Olivia Cuccia

I absolutely love buying from Twootie! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and makes amazing products. You can really tell all her products are made with love. It’s genuinely hard for me to pick favorites, being that every time I try something new I call it my new favorite.

The bath salts and bath bombs are definitely a must try, though. Pairing them together really helps melt away the aches after a long day of work.

Pamela Stillings