We ship all our products through USPS

The options are either First Class Mail (usually for soaps, scrubs/lotions, shower steamers and small items that don't require padding that's under 1lb weight)

and Priority Mail (bubble bars, bath bombs, glass epsom salts, sets & bundles especially for exceeding the weight over 1lb).


Typically it takes 7 business days to process an order, but the turnaround time is subject to change during times of high traffic like a major release. The turn around time to get your order out is always listed at the top header of the website. Sometimes products are out of stock but we still take orders on them. In these cases it typically requires extra time to finish the product before sending it out, which will result in a longer waiting time. 

If you'd like your order to be sent Priority Mail Express please contact us at twootietarte@gmail.com

For orders being shipped internationally, generally USPS International First Class Mail is the option to go with, but if you'd like the order to be sent out another way please contact us. If your preferred shipping method is more expensive than the USPS quote I might ask you to pay for the remaining shipping charges, depending on the circumstance.

We routinely refund major shipping overcharges. For example, if our system charged $16 to ship but we sent the order for $10, we would refund you the remaining $6. The only time we do not refund overcharges is when the cost is not significant enough to warrant a refund. For example, a customer pays $7.50 for shipping on a package that ends up costing us $6.25. We typically include extra goods in every order, so if your order doesn't qualify for a major shipping refund we've likely already made it up to you in the form of sample sized products and/or candy.