Curious how our products work? 

If you see something on our website but aren't quite sure how to use it, look no further!

Bath Bomb:

1. Remove plastic wrap carefully with a pair of scissors.

2. After filling the tub up with warm/hot water, gently place the bath bomb into the water, palm facing upward. Let it fully dissolve and enjoy a luxurious soak! You'll find most of our bath bombs contain Epsom salt, so with our bath bombs you're sure to be relaxed. 


Epsom Salts:

1. Break seal to open pouch.

2. Pour in the desired amount of salts to soak with. Salts dissolve best with Heat and agitation, so if there are some salts left at the bottom of your tub consider stirring your tub or increasing the temperature of the water (but don't hurt yourself!). If the salts still dont dissolve after taking these steps, consider using a bit less Epsom salt on your next soak.

For days where I'm really sore I typically pour in roughly 1/2 cup, but it's entirely up to you how much you'd like to use each bath. One bag should last quite a few baths. 

Shower Steamer:

1. Remove plastic wrap with a pair of scissors.

2. Start up the shower at warm to hot setting (the more steam your shower generates, the better).

3.Place the steamer somewhere out of the direct stream of water from the shower, where water can occasionally hit the steamer. This will allow the aroma to aerate as you take your shower. You can also pour water on it from time to time if you want a boost of fragrance!

Note: Shower steamers are a one-time-use product and we DO NOT suggest leaving it out to "dry" to use again. Once the mixture has been activated once, it will no longer fizz and fill the air with aroma. 

Whipped Sugar Scrub:

1. Remove lid from scrub.

2. Scoop out a desired amount of scrub and apply it to your hands or body.

3. Gently rub the mixture into the skin. For lathering effect, add in a small amount water to your skin as you scrub. When you feel you've exfoliated your skin, rinse your body/hands.

Note: We highly suggest storing and scooping the scrub with the cap on, away from water or humidity. If any water gets in the scrub container it can cause the scrub to lose its quality.

Body Spray:

1.Shake before using!

2. Remove cap from body spray.

3. Spritz the spray over your head (avoiding any chance of it going into your eyes) or spray 1 foot away from a spot of the body for maximum scent.

Note: You can also use this type of spray as a pillow spray, room spray or in the car for fresh smells on the go! Just keep in mind that it does have colorant in it, and may stain lighter colored fabrics.


Shower Gel:

1. Open cap and pour a desired amount of gel into your hands.

2. Lather up! 

Note: Our gel mixture also works as a shampoo for most people! Feel free to give it a try.


1. Open lid and gently pour into the palm of your hand/s.(WAIT to smell sanitizer until after you have let it dry on your skin. The smell will be very strong if you smell straight from the bottle.)

Note: Since our mixture is a liquid instead of a gel, you can cup the hands to avoid the solution slipping out. Rub your hands together to spread the sanitizer goodness. Let dry for a few seconds before smelling the lingering fragrance. 

DO NOT store your sanitizer in a location that exposes it to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Our sanitizers are flammable and NOT SAFE TO DRINK. Store your sanitizer in a place out of reach of small children.