"Original Twootie Tarte Banner"

Growing up as a kid I had been exposed to my mother's perfume collection and my father's passion for video games. From there I would make things for my friends and blend perfumes that my mom would dub as better than the originals. 

It wasn't until the summer after my seasonal job at Lush Cosmetics that I would get a suggestion from a friend that I should make my own bath bombs. I'm not sure why I didn't start sooner but it prompted me to try my hand at the craft. After months of trial and error I began to get bath bomb making down without the bombs over expanding or being too dry. 

On December 1st, 2013 Twootie Tarte opened up for business! While I mainly sold online I did from time to time sell at Japanese animation and sci-fi based conventions local to Louisiana. My first show was at CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA. 

After getting the hang of bath bombs I began expanding my product line up. I first started working bubble bars and then moved onto soaps. During this time I was getting my bachelors degree in Theatre at the University of New Orleans. While I was strapped to keep focused on my academics I wasn't capable of expanding my business much further. 

"My first set of business cards featuring retro products. Some I no longer make and some have evolved." 


I was limited in how far I could go so I stayed strictly to events I could sell at in Louisiana. Once I graduated *finally* the whole country opened up for potential places to sell at. I worked a part-time job while trying to operate my own online store and occasionally sell at conventions between Louisiana all the way to Florida. 


 "Long time fan Jane winning some awesome bath products at the Mechacon Lolita Tea Party" 


Mid 2017 I had an opportunity of a life time to quit my job and begin working for my business full time. While it was a rocky start to be on my own it finally paid off. With a lot of work I turned the spare bedroom at my house into my very own work space. 

To date I have had the pleasure to sell in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Gerogia and Florida. For a brief time you could find my products down in the heart of New Orleans off of Magazine Street. I highly recommend checking out Kawaii NOLA. Holiday Matsuri 2017 was my first step to moving into a vendors space. 


"Two full tables of Twootie Tarte goodness!!" 


In the beginning I was depended on other molds and materials to make my own creations. Now, thanks to the growth of my business and a little pixie dust, we currently have our very own 3D printer AND vacuum seal plastic mold maker. This past year our business has rapidly grown and nothing is stopping us from sharing the magic that is Twootie Tarte. 



The story continues...

In 2020 Twootie Tarte finally took a leap of faith and moved the business to Cedar Park, Texas to hopefully grow and expand even further. 

If you're in the Austin area and would like to pick up your order locally instead of paying for shipping opt for local pick up during check out! 


Sean the Sheep finally joined the Twootie Tarte team in May of 2020 after massive success with our newly released House amiibo bath bomb. Sean has won Employee of the Month four months in a row now!