Patreon Promotion: A box for you means a box for your Bestie!

We're holding a special promotion for all new self-care box members who sign up for either our self care box or deluxe self care box for the month of November 2022!

Treat yourself to our Patreon self care box and 1 friend of your choice will get a secondary, FREE, self care box (same tier as you) which will be shipping in mid-December! 

Every box comes with 3-4 products you select yourself; a Patreon-exclusive product, voted on by fellow Patrons each month; as well as a bunch of other benefits. Custom care deluxe supporters get a completely customized product each month they are a member. Check the link for more details!

Once you sign up we'll send you a DM on Patreon thanking you for your support, and asking who the lucky recipient of the free self care box will be!

Get the gift that keeps giving! Or not. I mean, it's your choice after all.

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