Q: How long will it take to get my order? 

A: My turn around time or TAT (the time it takes me to ship out an order) varies due to my work load. The expected TAT is on the banner at the top of each page. If you are ordering a gift with a time constraint, you should bear in mind the delivery time is the TAT plus 2-3 business days with USPS. 

Please note that as of March 2021 we only ship on Friday and Monday.

 If you're unsure of your order making it in for a certain time please email me and I can work with you on your order! :)


Q: When will you restock?

A: It is dependant on our event schedule and being able to source ingredients to take on more orders.

We always announce our next restock on social media, through our newsletter and again at the top of the website when we have a date set in stone. 


Q: Do you ship to *insert country here*

A: We ship to almost every country available! However due to Brexit we cannot ship to the UK through our main site. If you'd like to place an order please email me at twootietarte@gmail.com and I will process the order on our Etsy.

 The cost depends on how far it must go and how heavy the package is. You can get a proper estimate on the "cart" page!


Q: How do I use *insert product here*?

A: We made a whole page explaining in great detail how to use our products! 


Q: Where is my order? 

A: Please log into your account to see the fulfillment status

If you haven't received a shipping notification email from my shop, then your order has not shipped yet. Once it's been dropped off with the post office, it is up to USPS/UPS/DHL. If you have received confirmation of the purchased shipping label you should contact them. We list our turn around time on the website header every restock, so your order should arrive in that mount of business days plus the time it takes to ship to your adress.

If you still have questions on your order feel free to shoot me an email with your order number. It may also help to check our social media like instagram & twitter for shipping updates. Since we are a small team of two humans we are not always able to make every single deadline. 

 Q: When will *insert sold out product here* be back in stock?

A: It depends. Sometimes we have plans to bring it back next restock if it sells quickly or seems to be popular. Items that sell poorly typically don't get made ever again. We cycle out a lot of products month to month. Sometimes we'll have a popular item for a few months and then let it rest. 

You can request on the product page that is sold out to be emailed or texted when it's back in stock! 

Signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter or joining our Patreon is a great way to stay informed on product selections each restock! 




Q: When do you send out orders?

A: We ship on Friday and then again on Monday.

 Saturdays are too short of a window to get orders dropped off so we typically don't ship on those days. Sundays and federal holiday's USPS is not open therefore we cannot ship any orders on those days.

Thank you for understanding. 




Q: Are your products vegan? What about cruelty free?

A: Most of them are vegan friendly. There are a few items where I've incorporated honey, but all my ingredients are listed in the description of each product. If you ever want an item without something they are completely custom and I can make the item without honey. 

Everything is cruelty free. We do not test on animals (humans only!) and we do not support our ingredients coming from places that also test on animals. Animals should not be subjected to torturer for our benefit. 



Q: Will you be at *insert con here*!?

A: For the time being we will not be at any events for the foreseeable future.

With the impact of Covid-19 most events have been canceled. If there is one to happen the chances of us being able to sell at it is very small. My partner is a former chemotherapy patient and therefore at high risk. It would not be worth putting his life at risk to sell at an event.

For that reason we are exclusively selling online so please support us here! 



Q: Can you do custom orders?

A: Always! It mainly depends on if I have an event that month, but generally I'm open to custom orders. If you can dream it we can probably make it. Check out our custom order form but keep in mind that it is not an inquiry form it is a place to get your custom order started. If you have questions message me at twootietarte@gmail.com first! 

Price break downs & custom order information can be found on the form page.  



Q: Are the shipping prices negotiable?

A: No they are not. All items are shipped through USPS and most items require extra padding, a box and typically exceed the weight limit for first class mail. This can range between $7-$14 depending on where you live and how heavy the package is. These are the prices we have to work with. We can ship things like small scrubs and soaps first class mail which will run between $4-6 with tracking We do not offer any refunds on items shipped First Class Mail!!


Q: My item arrived broken... What can I do? 

A: Please photograph them immediately and then contact us. Things like bath bombs and bubble bars still work fine even though they may not appear as aesthetically pleasing. If you are unhappy with anything please contact us to see what we can work out. Contact us at twootietarte@gmail.com with your order number, photograph and any other info you see fit to include.


Q: What ingredients do you use? 

A: Each listing will contain the ingredient list (generally down at the bottom of the listing). If you have allergies to specific products like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, lavender essential oil or sensitivity to smells I can always adjust a batch under a custom order. 


Q: Are these products handmade? 

A: Yes! Handmade right in my home located in Cedar Park, Texas



Q: Do you sell in bulk or offer any discounts for buying certain things?

A:We are currently working on discounts for certain items.

Please contact me if you're interested in bulk pricing.


Q: How can I store your products?

A: I suggest keeping them in a cold dark place. So don't leave it in your car or in sunlight. Storing products away from the shower or bath tub helps. When finished using a soap for example it's best to place it away from any body of water. Letting it soak in water causes it to degrade quicker or cause it to turn to a sort of jelly-soap consistency. 


Q: I have a product suggestion! 

A: We get a lot of suggestions and it can be kind of overwhelming. I have roughly 2 years worth of ideas I want to work on already. However we do have a patreon where we ask our subscribers questions on what we should do next. this is your best way to let your voice be heard.


Q: How did you get started? 

A: There's a whole page on that if you'd like to read it! <3 


Q: Why do you donate to the Hedgehog Welfare Society? 

A: HWS (Hedgehog Welfare Society) operates a completely free website educating people on how to take care of hedgehogs, they run a Facebook group for people to chat in, provides a list of reputable breeders AND vets located within your state. But the most important one is that they rescue abandoned hedgehogs, cover the vet bill and try to re-home if they make it.

This is very important to me. I discovered hedgehogs in 2011 and easily are my spirit animal. Not a lot of people know how to take care of them... Sadly some people find it's easier to leave them in a dumpster than to get the hedgehog a proper home. Another thing HSW offers is a surrendering service if you're unable to properly take care of a hedgehog. They do all of this for free so the least I can do is help raise money for them with my Hedgehog bubble bar or soap. We also collect chump change at all our events and donate that as well.

Every cent counts and the hedgehogs of the world thank you! 




"Butternut Peaches and Poopyboot" 



Don't see you question/answer here? Send me an email at twootietarte@gmail.com with the tag line, "Question!".