If you've come to my booth at any convention/event I've sold at you've seen my hedgehog heart display. Every item on that tray half of the proceeds benefit the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Every purchase made with cash at our booth we ask if you want any of the loose change to be donated as well. All the small stuff adds up. Each year we have continuously increased our donations to the society while bringing awareness to hedgehogs. 

Please consider checking out their completely free website including information on how to take care of a hedgehog, reputable AND certified breeders in your state, expert licensed exotic vets in your state, reporting any form of abuse on hedgehogs, surrendering services and rehoming services. 

I take this society to heart. It means so much to me that we've raised to much donations and spread the awareness on proper care of hedgehogs. I have two of my own who I love dearly and Lilac the hedgehog is the mascot of Twootie Tarte! I have woken up countless times to seeing heartbreaking news on hedgehogs being abandoned or left in a dumpster because people couldn't be bothered to educate themselves on these amazing spiky creatures. 

If you'd like to help out please donate directly to their website or consider purchasing one of our hedgehog bubble bars/soaps where half of the proceeds are donated to them. Save a hedgehog and bathe with a hedgehog!