These are Twootie Tarte's offerings for Anime Expo

Each day we'll be offering totally different products, so feel free to use this menu to guide you through each day of Anime Expo!


Friday's Exclusives:

Rainbow Worm bath bomb

Mystic Frog shower steamer

Smash whipped sugar scrub

Saturday's Exclusives:

House DLC bath bomb
Sea Salt Ice Cream shower steamer
Antidote whipped sugar scrub


Sunday's Exclusives:

Super Crown bath bomb

Force shower steamer
Star Fruit whipped sugar scrub

Monday's Exclusives

Heart Container bath bomb

Sinus Bug shower steamer

Roost whipped sugar scrub

Mystery bags

Every Day Offerings:
Monster Egg bath bomb - Surprise Toy inside!

Free Them soap- Toy inside!
D20 Dice soap- D20 inside!

Nurse epsom salts

Invincible Star 4oz body spray