Purple Me Too Shower Steamers (2pc)


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Some things you should know about the items...

You're getting a "me too" shower steamer? Ditto! This listing comes with 2 Purple steamers!

The king, queen, and in-between of purple blobs is back and ready to make your shower memorable! Who better than the best mating Monster to enjoy a sensual shower with!

He does change shape when you put him in the stream of water, but after a while he disappears completely! Made with The classic Dream fragrance, this is a perfect before-bedtime shower companion.

This listing is for PURPLE STEAMERS ONLY! If you wanted a full set of 7 multicolored dittos, check out our bulk listings page!

Scent Bio:

A soothing blend of lavender essential, tonka bean and neroli.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fragrance Oil Blend, Lavender Essential Oil, Colorant, Water and Witch Hazel.

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