Holiday Information - Deadlines & Promotions

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to take the time to list off any changes, deadlines, events and other information that might be useful to you. If you aren’t already following me on social media you should! Sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of announcing everything everywhere all at once. 🥴


You have the opportunity to meet me in the flesh! I'll be seeing you at this in-person event:

Holiday Matsuri - Orlando, FL Dec 16-18th

We've been selling here since 2016! You'll find us at the front of the vendors room in a corner booth, so you can't miss us.

We'll have holiday products, best sellers, AND a few of our special holiday baskets that include exclusive Japanese merchandise. All of the baskets are one of a kind, so they might not be around for the full con duration. 

Stay up to date with all our promotions that weekend by joining our exclusive event page for Holmat here

Make a reminder for our Sailor Moon Says... Self Care panel! This is our first ever Saturday panel, and it will be starting at 11am in the Denver room. 


November offerings - online shop:

With the holidays around the corner we'll be updating the online shop on Black Friday, releasing our holiday collection along with select best selling products. We're working hard to offer some special bulk listings for those who are in the market for gift buying. 

The shop will update on November 25th at 1pm CT!

Due to our busy event schedule, we highly encourage fans to purchase any holiday gifts during November, as our online store will close for the remainder of the year on December 1st

Once we enter December, we will only have a few days to spare between leaving for Holiday Matsuri and fulfilling orders. Once the con starts, local pick up in the Mandeville, LA area will be the only way to get any of our products until Christmas. We encourage non-local fans to support the other shops that carry our products during the times we cannot stay open. More info on that below:

Last day to order from our online shop: November 30th



You can get Twootie Tarte products at these retail locations (and online!).

Please check out Kuroshiro Kawaii (TX), BizBaz Club (CA), Square Room Escape (CA), Gamers n Geeks (AL) and Geekz Haven (AL).

Each store has a unique set of products made JUST for that location along with some of our best sellers. Whenever the online shop is closed starting December 1, please consider ordering from them.



Treat yourself and a friend to our self care boxes! For Black Friday we will be offering a special promotion.

If you join our Patreon self care box before November ends you can opt to have an entire 2nd box sent to someone you love- absolutely FREE. The 2nd box will ship in mid December, so you don’t even have to worry about sending out your Christmas gift! You will also have access to an exclusive Patreon coupon that you can use when the shop restocks.

Our boxes will be one of the only online things we will be fulfilling in December, so don't miss your chance to snag some products before the promo ends. 

Our system is set up so you can request up to 3/4 products from our monthly line up. Then, included with every box is an additional item voted on by our Patreons at the end of each month. For November included in the box automatically is the Triforce 4oz whipped sugar scrub, exclusive to Patreon members! 

The great thing is, you can join this month to unlock this amazing promotion, and you can stay with us for as long as you'd like, whether that be only a few months, or several! But of course, if you want to be a part of team Twootie, we welcome you with open arms for as long as you’d like to support us!


If you have any questions not covered by this post please visit the Twootie Tarte Patreon for more details. If your question is still not answered, please reach out to me at

Every holiday season we give it our all and try our best to make each package truly special. We are so grateful for your time spent reading this, and I Ho Ho Hope all is well with each of you and your loved ones! 💕