The purpose of this page is to explain to anyone who buys a listing labeled "custom" in the *title what to expect when it comes to making certain selections as well as requesting refunds or modifications to the initial order.

If you purchase any of our custom labeled listings: 


  • Items purchased with scent listed as "custom blend - leave a note" must use a fragrance oil from our established list of fragrance oils**.  If you request a fragrance that we do not currently have, we cannot complete your custom order. We will send you an email to the email you put on file for checking out through our website, so please check that you selected an email that you check daily. You may receive an email from, asking you to select a new fragrance. If 3 days pass and we haven't heard from you, we have the right to void your custom order product without any refund.


  • You may only select your custom item from the product selection we permit you to select in the online shop. Custom products NO LONGER include items we have discontinued, whether it be a temporary or permanent discontinuation. Here is a list of products we no longer offer, or have been temporarily discontinued. If you leave a note asking about this on checkout that note will be ignored, and the custom listing you specified and paid for will be what is included in your order.


  • If you'd like custom artwork made for a product label please reach out to us at TWOOTIETARTE@GMAIL.COM. this will incur an additional cost, to be determined based on the artwork's intricacy and artist's fee. 


  • Custom bath bomb molds**** are available, however to make this possible will cost an additional $25-$40 per draft***** of the cavity. This includes the time to design the mold, print it with our 3D printer, making a plastic mold from the print and then testing the design to make sure it works. If you want this add on, please contact us at TWOOTIETARTE@GMAIL.COM first. Any purchases that are made in the Twootie Tarte online shop that request a different mold that we do not currently offer on the drop-down menu of the listing you selected will not be honored for that transaction.


  • Your purchase of a custom order listing acts as a commission. Once I have received your payment for the custom listing, I will complete it as your order states, and will not issue refunds on the custom ordered products you selected.


  • If the reason a custom order cannot be completed is due to shortages or oversights on our end, we will consider issuing refunds. Examples of this would be if you select a fragrance oil from the list on our website, but we have failed to update that list, and were therefore out of the oil. In those circumstances we will reach out to you with an email to try to get a solution figured out.


  • Our shop never issues full refunds, and Custom orders are no exception. Cancellation of a custom order will not be considered unless timely email contact has been made (typically within a few hours of ordering). This is because in some cases we begin working on custom ordered products the day of or day after it has been commissioned.


  • Custom ordered products may be changed, but we may ask that you purchase a separate listing BEFORE we are able to process any refund for the mistaken first listing. We also ask that you make timely contact to If you reach out to us after we have started work on your item, your window to change the product has closed. This means you will receive the item you initially requested without a partial or full refund as stated on your initial custom order form.



* "Title" refers to the listing's name that describes the type of product, interior or exterior color, and embeds.

**To find the list of fragrance oils, go to our homepage and select "product collections"-> "custom products"-> "fragrance oil list."

*** Case by case basis means that your unique inquiry will be assessed and judged based on the information we're given without outside influence from other similar orders

 **** Custom bath bomb molds refer to items that require 3D modeling and mold creation in order to make a new shape or size. The size, detail, and any further drafts of the custom mold will determine the price you pay

***** 1 Draft refers to a single 3D model that has been created digitally, printed, and had a mold made. if any edits must be made to this draft to ensure bath bomb or shower steamer stability, we will reach out and inform you of next-steps on either accepting the first draft with its faults or asking for additional money for a secondary or tertiary mold. our goal is to get it right the first time, but any prototype product is subject to mistakes or inefficiencies.